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The House Energy Doctor (HED) program is aimed at advanced understanding of the theory and principles relating to sustainable design, energy conservation, passive solar, and high performance buildings. Research of methods are applicable and transferable to different climatic regions throughout the world. Energy research and investigations include site survey methods, field test instruments, and advanced computer simulation of energy and building systems. Students learn about the LEED© Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building rating system of the US Green Building Council.
Classes open to degree, non-degree, certification, undecided, professional development and correspondent students.


Course 1

Energy and the Environment

ARC461k/561k - Summer-1 2019

Dr. N. Chalfoun, Ph.D. LEED© AP, CEA

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Energy and the Environment is a 3 credit fully online course that fosters awareness and thorough understanding of the qualitative and quantifiable environmental forces that contribute to the visual and thermal sensation and temperature change within the interior of buildings. The course introduces basics for understanding fundamentals of solar energy and light, daylight design, climate and microclimate factors, and principles of human thermal comfort as related to the built environment. Registration open to degree or non-degree students.


Course 2

Energy Use in Buildings

ARC461L/561L - Summer-2 2019

Dr. N. Chalfoun, Ph.D. LEED© AP, CEA

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Energy Use in Buildings is a 3 credit online course that introduces the quantitative and qualitative factors that contribute to energy consumption and use in buildings. Understanding of thermodynamic and heat transfer processes and exploration of major external and internal forces acting on building envelope will be the basis of understanding energy flows and use by buildings. Topics covered include thermal characteristics of envelop construction materials, infiltration and natural ventilation, fenestration and solar gain, electric and people thermal loads, and the functioning and performance of small scale mechanical systems.


Course 3

Energy Efficient Design

ARC461m/561m - Fall 2016

Dr. N. Chalfoun, Ph.D. LEED© AP, CEA

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Energy Efficient Design is a 3 credit online course that investigates building energy performance and assessment. Energy conservation strategies such as building shape and orientation, Passive solar design, building envelope materials and components, Natural ventilation, active solar design are explored including their contribution to energy savings. The use of computer simulation will help course participants to understand the interrelationship between the different strategies as well as their cost efficiency and return on investment. The end product will be a net-zero design that reduces consumption while help sequestering greenhouse gas emission.


Course 4

Energy Auditing & Modeling

ARC461n/561n - Spring 2017

Dr. N. Chalfoun, Ph.D. LEED© AP, CEA

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Energy Auditing & Modeling is a comprehensive 6 credit online course + on site workshop that leads to a certificate in state-of-the-art building energy auditing and industry standard computer energy modeling. Principles of performing an energy audit are first introduced online, to understand how energy is spent in buildings and through which building components. In the second module, participants must travel to CALA site and facility to get engaged in real-world application using site instrumentation and computers. Energy analysis software will be used to simulate compliance with local codes and estimate energy cost savings from energy conservation strategies.

These courses are developed by Professor Chalfoun at the University of Arizona's College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture and currently made available online as Distance-Deliverage Cirriculum and Certificate in Energy Conservation through the 2009 University of Arizona's Technology Research Infrastructure Fund (TRIF)

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